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We help you accelerate your
ramp up with AirportLabs Products
trough self-paced,
customized learning

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Welcome to the Academy

An introductory step to connect your experience, discover the benefits and how to start the learning process


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Access courses and activities and build theoretical knowledge


Rate your learning experience

Answer the survey questions and share your feedback


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Perform core job functions within the desired product


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Take the knowledge test and showcase your new skills with a certificate of completion or badge

Why register?

Build confidence

Through tailored courses per each product

Access the source of truth

Resources, demos and activities all in one place

Get certified

Take the test and check your knowledge

Share certificate awards

Showcase your abilities through a certificate of completion and a badge 

What is available now? 


to be launched

to be launched

Learn from anywhere, anytime,
on any device

Access courses and demos within the Academy and learn at your own pace
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