Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the Learning Academy program?

AirportLabs Learning Academy has been specifically crafted to provide a complete learning experience to our customers. Our aim is to equip you with the requisite skills to not only learn and master the essential product capabilities but also to effectively apply them in your respective fields and get certified. 

What is the target audience?

The target audience for our Learning Academy are our customers from the airports and ground handlers worldwide.  

What is the Learning Academy Experience Flow ?

  1. Welcome you to the Academy! This is your first step towards connecting your experience, discovering the benefits of our learning platform, and learning how to get started.
2. Start your learning journey by accessing our wide range of courses and activities, where you can build theoretical knowledge and hone your skills.
3. Rate your learning experience by answering a quick survey and share your thoughts with us.
Ready to explore our products? Review our demos and learn how to perform core job functions within your desired product.
4. Get certified by taking our knowledge test and receive a certificate of completion or badge to showcase your achievements.

How do I get certified?

After completing the training and exploring the product demos, you can head over to our certification section, where you'll find a set of questions based on the training theory and product demo. To pass, you'll need to answer a minimum of 60% of the questions correctly.
Once you pass the test, you'll receive a free certificate of completion and a verified badge. You can use these to showcase your achievements and present a rich and trustworthy record of your learning to anyone at any time, on any social media platform.

On which products does the Learning Academy program focus?

Airport Community App, VisionAir FIDS, GCAM, AirportLabs Data Router, SkyCore AODB, Allegra RMS, Air Turn, Laminar.

What additional resources are available to help me find more information about the Learning Academy program?

  • AirportLabs Learning Academy Landing Pack
  • Product Admin, User Manuals, Tutorials
  • The Product Newsletter

What are the available contact methods to reach us?

  • The feedback section, which is added as a feature on each product, to provide us with continuous feedback.
  • The contact page of our Academy here

If you have any questions,
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