# Mentorship for Interns/ New Hires

Details of Mentorship


+10% of salary of the mentor
Mentorship bonus will be awarded monthly proportional to the performance of the mentee.


max. 6 months per person


new joiners as well as people changing the role

Performance improvement 

to be defined on the specific performance improvement case


both the mentor and the mentee have to meet the performance criteria (KPI) for the month, otherwise the bonus is not awarded


new joiners have the option to NOT be mentored. (They will still be onboarded but this carries no bonus for either the people helping with the onboarding or the new joiner.)

Any person can be a mentor to up to one new hire (at a time). Before committing to a mentorship, the mentor needs to obtain approval from the line manager.

New joiners will be awarded profit share only counting the period after the completion of the mentorship - the internship does not count for profit share purposes. (For clarity - there is no incentive for finishing the mentorship early in other scenarios).

Internships will have mentors for which this reward policy applies (mentor will receive bonus for the duration of the internship).