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Explore the learning scenario we have carefully crafted for you to boost your communication skills. You'll learn how assertiveness is the happy medium between an aggressive and a passive attitude and you'll also uncover ways of adjusting your approach when it comes to firmly and respectfully expressing yourself.
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 Passive Communication

Do you always get what you want from conversations with your coworkers? Or do you find it difficult to voice your opinions?

 Aggressive Communication

Do you firmly and respectfully defend your stance or do you sometimes come across as aggressive when imposing your views?

 Assertive Communication

Stay with us to see how you can turn from a shy and quiet person into a confident and assertive communicator. You’ll also learn how to tone down your remarks if you have the habit of being a more impetuous communicator.

Read. Watch. Learn. Improve.

We have designed this course to help you become a more confident and positive communicator and throughout this journey you will learn how to:

Use “I” statements

Get comfortable saying ‘No’

Voice your needs and wants

Be clear about your wants

Match your timing with the situation

Express yourself positively and respectfully towards others


All that is left right now is to continue practicing what you’ve learned. You can do this by:

Rehearsing your speech before giving it

This gives you the chance to focus on how you convey your message in a way that’s not emotional or impetuous. Think about scenarios that you have already encountered.

Keeping your body language in check

Be mindful of the gestures you make and be sure to maintain eye contact.

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Now, what exactly is assertiveness?

Communicating assertively at the workplace means to confidently voice your opinions, while remaining respectful. It means to not shy away from expressing desires, suggestions or complaints and stating them clearly to your colleagues. While doing so, you remain focused on the problem, not on the recipient.
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What assertiveness is not

Being assertive does not mean that you can say whatever comes to mind in any context and under any form. There’s a fine line between being assertive and being aggressive. There is always a time and place for certain conversations and being assertive means being aware of your rights, as well as of other people’s rights. This being said, the purpose of displaying assertiveness is not to win a heated argument, but to firmly present your beliefs and stand by your principles, without being offensive or rude.
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Benefits of Being Assertive

Employees who are assertive have a great deal to earn from their interactions with colleagues because they are able to get their message across without being misunderstood or without feeling pressured into doing something that doesn’t align with their values or principles. They also know their worth and are able to speak up and stand up for themselves.


Building stronger relationships at work

By clearly stating your expectation, needs, opinions and complaints people know how to treat you and they know exactly what you want from them. Such an attitude is met with respect and professionalism.

Avoiding personal conflicts

Part of communicating assertively means to focus on the problem, not on the person, so this way you address issues, without offending people.

Higher self-confidence

If you exercise constantly stating your opinion, it’ll boost your self-confidence and reinforce the idea that your vision matters and is worth being taken into account.

Higher self-esteem

If you make a point out of expressing your thoughts and see actual results of how your idea has positively impacted the business or the team, it will reinforce your self-appreciation.

Reduced anxiety and stress

If you shy away from difficult conversations or from voicing your opinions, you’ll end up doing things that don’t align with your values or that are unfair to you and this induces anxiety. You need to confidently establish boundaries and say “No” when you have to, because, otherwise you might be overworked, overcontrolled or poorly managed.

Now, what exactly is assertiveness?


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Are you assertive or not?

Here’s an exercise to determine whether you’re already an assertive communicator or not.  If you answer “Yes” to most or all of these questions, then we’ll have to work together to build up your assertive attitude.

Do you find yourself answering “Yes” when you’d really want to say “No”?

Do you often find yourself working after hours? 

Were you ever wrongly accused of something and didn’t say anything to defend yourself?

Does your workload often consist of many urgent tasks with tight deadlines?

Do you find yourself struggling to have a work-life balance?

Are you sometimes reluctant to voice your opinion because you’re afraid it might not be approved by others?
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Learning Scenario

We have prepared a scenario for you containing 5 questions to see how you would react in these real-life situations. Go through all of them and see where you could make adjustments to your approach. Selecting any answer will lead you to instant and customized feedback to make sure you can improve in real time.
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Learning Scenario

Interact with our content & experience life-like scenarios

We have prepared a scenario for you containing 5 questions to see how you would react in these real-life situations. Go through all of them and see where you could make adjustments to your approach. Selecting any answer will lead you to instant and customized feedback to make sure you can improve in real time.

Scenario Context

You have been working for CoRaAIR for 7 years. You’re a hard worker who produces measurable results for the organization, are proactive and eager to advance in your career. Your manager, however, doesn’t seem to notice or duly appreciate your long time efforts.
CoRaAIR Employee
“Working for this company has been an amazing experience.”

Jane Moore

Java Developper

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